Welcome to the international business development & marketing platform for Ghana's SMEs and Start-Ups



The partnership between Ghana Online Mall and Invest-SME-Ghana provides an integrated, national support for start-ups and small businesses, focusing on the provision of business development services, business incubators, and funding for businesses.


More than a business database, Invest-SME-Ghana is a dynamic and coordinated marketing platform to deliver achievable business targets through aggressive and ongoing marketing effort.

Business Network

Whether it’s helping to improve on an existing business, or assisting entrepreneurs build a new business, our focus is on creating partnership models where companies benefit from the value we create together.

Go Global

Global consumers have unlimited options. Attracting new business partnerships and competing on an increasingly open international marketplace requires more than just a company's presence.

New Markets

The opportunity to create a competitive advantage starts with an uncompromising focus on core competencies and having the right infrastructure to deliver value.

Creating Value

Adding real value is what matters to us. Our advice is 100% tailored and 100% independent and our goal are developing solutions that are self-sustaining and makes commercial sense.


At the core of our work is the simple commitment to doing the right thing. We are 100% committed to always acting with integrity. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously.

Value Assurance

The evolution from analog to digital represents a tremendous opportunity to design marketing processes that are extremely efficient and reach more people than traditional avenues.